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Is your insurance company denying your Coronavirus (Covid-19) claims? Our Coronavirus Insurance Lawyer can help.

Many businesses that have suffered enormous losses due to mandated Coronavirus closures, have filed claims with their insurance companies. The most common claims are Business Interruption Claims for those who have an All Risk Policy with Civil Authority Coverage. Unfortunately, most Insurance Companies are finding reasons to deny these claims leaving business owners solely responsible for all financial losses. A Coronavirus Insurance Lawyer can help you determine the provisions in your insurance policy and the necessary steps to recover damages from a claim that has been denied. Coronavirus Insurance Lawyer, San Francisco How did we get to this point in the state of...Read More

Can I bring a lawsuit against a nursing home if my loved one died from the Coronavirus?

CORONAVIRUS DEATHS IN NURSING HOMES: THEY ARE LOOKING TO THE GOVERNMENT FOR PROTECTION AFTER THEIR FAILURES BECOME CLEAR On April 28, 2020, in an OP ED piece in the New York Times, Richard Mollot executive director of the Long-Term Community coalition wrote:  “… It was clear almost from the outset that the elderly and frail were in the greatest danger from Covid 19. And it was clear to anyone familiar with American nursing homes that these facilities would not be up to the task of protecting their older and infirm residents…”  To date there are over 15,000 Coronavirus deaths in nursing...Read More