Personal Injury Resources

Personal injury resources may be necessary to help you through this experience. At Siegal & Richardson, we provide the legal expertise you need during this trying time. In addition, we want to provide you with resources to help support you through this journey.

Throughout the legal process, and after it is completed, you may want more information about the medical information that you have been given. You could also need additional emotional and mental health resources. There is a clear connection between mental and physical health and accessing both will be important for the recovery process. California has numerous personal injury resources that can aid you and your loved ones through this crisis. Aside from the links below, if you want us to connect you with other groups or individuals, please let us know.

Those who have suffered a serious personal injury will want to pursue legal justice. However, physical and psychological recovery are the most important things to attend to after an accident. Treatment for head and brain injuries, back and spinal cord injuries, and other external and internal injuries can take months. And, recovery from these can take years.

Also, people with serious physical injuries, that have long term consequences, have a higher risk of depression and often feel more psychological distress. This may be a very long journey and studies have shown that maintaining your mental health can lower the intensity of physical pain, can decrease interference with daily activities, and can increase your quality of life.

At Siegal & Richardson, we want you to have access to the personal injury resources you need to ensure that legal justice will have a more significant impact on your life.