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Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Dublin California

Prescription drug theft in California nursing homes When nursing home abuse or neglect occurs, you need a nursing home abuse lawyer Dublin California to assist you with your personal injury claim. Contact Siegal & Richardson today at 510-271-6720. Nursing home abuse and neglect is a serious problem in California. Nursing home staff can steal prescription drugs from residents, and they may also administer medications without consent or in an incorrect dosage. This is abuse and you and your loved one have the right to pursue justice. Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Dublin California | Siegal & Richardson, LLP Nursing Home Abuse...Read More

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Berkeley California

How to choose the right California nursing home Choosing a nursing home is a difficult decision. It's even more difficult if you're doing it for someone else, like a parent or an elderly relative. You want to make sure they are going to be properly cared for and have a fulfilling life. If neglect or abuse does occur, you will need a nursing home abuse lawyer Berkeley California. Our attorneys at Siegal & Richardson, LLC are highly qualified to support you and your family. Contact us today at 510-271-6720 for a consultation. Do research to determine if it’s a quality...Read More

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Albany California | Conditions in Nursing Homes

The nursing home industry is one that is growing rapidly, and it's important to know the rights that people living in a long term care facility have. The California Continuing Care Contract Statutes protects the rights of residents living in nursing homes and assisted living facilities by providing them with adequate care, safety, and hygiene. Unfortunately, abuse does happen in these facilities - there are no perfect health care providers out there. If you need a nursing home abuse lawyer Albany California, contact our attorneys at Siegal & Richardson, LLC. Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Albany California | Siegel & Richardson,...Read More

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Alameda California

Disease Outbreaks in California Nursing Homes A nursing home should not be a scary place. Although nursing home residents are often frail and elderly, they should not suffer physical or emotional abuse. Our nursing home abuse lawyer Alameda California is here to help you file a claim if a preventable disease outbreak occurs in your loved one’s nursing home. Nursing homes have specific protocols and procedures meant to prevent abuse, including outbreaks of preventable diseases. However, if your loved one has gotten sick and died from a preventable illness, you may have a personal injury claim. At Siegal & Richardson,...Read More

Marine vet who was shot 10 times in Oakland bar sues

Joel Siegal and Richard Richardson are representing Mahmoud Berte, a United States marine Corp veteran, who was shot 10 times in an Oakland Bar.  The Lawsuit filed in Alameda County states that Mahmoud will never be the same following his severe injuries.  His leg needed to be amputated and he has had over a dozen surgeries.  The Complaint alleges that the bar failed in its duty to provide a safe and secure establishment. KTVU-TV, the Bay area's Fox affiliate ran this very lengthy piece on the case, which features an interview with Richard Richardson

Joel Siegal Fights Against Anti-Semitism at NYU

Last year, Joel Siegal filed a complaint with the Office of Civil Rights in the Department of Education regarding anti Semitism at NYU. The complaint charged that Jewish students had been subjected to a hostile environment of anti Semitism at NYU and that the university had failed to take appropriate measures to prevent and deal with this serious problem. NYU After a full investigation was conducted, a groundbreaking resolution was reached with the University and Joel Siegal and New York Attorney, Neal Sher. The Agreement requires that the University revise its Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy. Now, it must include the prohibition of...Read More

Why You Need an Oakland DUI Lawyer

If you  are convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) in California it can be pretty costly. We’re not talking about the cost of a lawyer either. Your insurance prices will drastically increase, your travel opportunities can be restricted, and it can be difficult for you to obtain employment. A DUI conviction puts you and your future in jeopardy.  Oakland DUI Lawyer That is why it is essential that you hire Siegal & Richardson, a firm with experienced Oakland DUI Lawyers. Our attorneys have an in-depth understanding of the laws and will utilize all necessary resources to defend the charges...Read More