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Joel Siegal Fights Against Anti-Semitism at NYU

Last year, Joel Siegal filed a complaint with the Office of Civil Rights in the Department of Education regarding anti Semitism at NYU. The complaint charged that Jewish students had been subjected to a hostile environment of anti Semitism at NYU and that the university had failed to take appropriate measures to prevent and deal with this serious problem. NYU After a full investigation was conducted, a groundbreaking resolution was reached with the University and Joel Siegal and New York Attorney, Neal Sher. The Agreement requires that the University revise its Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy. Now, it must include the prohibition of...Read More

Why You Need an Oakland DUI Lawyer

If you  are convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) in California it can be pretty costly. We’re not talking about the cost of a lawyer either. Your insurance prices will drastically increase, your travel opportunities can be restricted, and it can be difficult for you to obtain employment. A DUI conviction puts you and your future in jeopardy.  Oakland DUI Lawyer That is why it is essential that you hire Siegal & Richardson, a firm with experienced Oakland DUI Lawyers. Our attorneys have an in-depth understanding of the laws and will utilize all necessary resources to defend the charges...Read More

White Sacramento Police Officer Fractures 12-Year-Old Black Girl’s Sternum Over A Movie Ticket.

Statement on Civil Rights during Black Lives Matter by Joel Siegal, Civil Rights Attorney, Oakland, California: The theater was filled with patrons of different ages, genders, and races. Shortly after the movie began, Sacramento Police Officer Tim Martin, entered the theater and began asking only the Black patrons to show their tickets. 12-Year-Old Syiet and 14-Year-Old Katherine were doing nothing to draw attention to themselves, other than being Black in America. On June 10, 2017, 12 year old Syiet and 14 year old Katherine, both Black, attended a birthday party. The plan for the birthday party was for the 8...Read More

Is your insurance company denying your Coronavirus (Covid-19) claims? Our Coronavirus Insurance Lawyer can help.

Many businesses that have suffered enormous losses due to mandated Coronavirus closures, have filed claims with their insurance companies. The most common claims are Business Interruption Claims for those who have an All Risk Policy with Civil Authority Coverage. Unfortunately, most Insurance Companies are finding reasons to deny these claims leaving business owners solely responsible for all financial losses. A Coronavirus Insurance Lawyer can help you determine the provisions in your insurance policy and the necessary steps to recover damages from a claim that has been denied. Coronavirus Insurance Lawyer, San Francisco How did we get to this point in the state of...Read More

Can I bring a lawsuit against a nursing home if my loved one died from the Coronavirus?

CORONAVIRUS DEATHS IN NURSING HOMES: THEY ARE LOOKING TO THE GOVERNMENT FOR PROTECTION AFTER THEIR FAILURES BECOME CLEAR On April 28, 2020, in an OP ED piece in the New York Times, Richard Mollot executive director of the Long-Term Community coalition wrote:  “… It was clear almost from the outset that the elderly and frail were in the greatest danger from Covid 19. And it was clear to anyone familiar with American nursing homes that these facilities would not be up to the task of protecting their older and infirm residents…”  To date there are over 15,000 Coronavirus deaths in nursing...Read More

Suicide of an Uber Engineer

A 33-year-old African-American computer engineer who turned down a job at Apple in order to work for Uber, five months later, killed himself from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The tragic outcome has led to a lawsuit. His widow contends Uber's intense work culture was at fault. Richard Richardson is representing the family. The case stands for the principle that even in high tech employees are entitled to basic human rights and that employers respect all labor laws. The case is ongoing, as are dozens of the other employment rights and victims rights cases brought by Siegal and Richardson on behalf...Read More

The Power of Prayer

I just returned from a one-month trip to Israel, where we celebrated the bat mitzvah of my eldest daughter, Maya. Israel is, in my opinion, the most incredible country on Earth. For someone like me who loves history, archaeology, spirituality, politics, good food, great weather, and spending time with family, there is no better place to be (apologies to the Grateful Dead’s “Tennessee Jed”). Yet my time in Israel did not afford me enough opportunity to delve into its depth. I could, and probably should, spend a lifetime there to explore and understand that depth.